Spring Awakening
PREMIERE – 2020/01/16
Artistic Direction:
Stefan Herrmann

Nora Giese

Stage Design:
Jan Patrick Brandt

Assistant Director:
Silvana Buchwald

Project Management
and dramaturgy:
Christina Siegert

Abbas Obaid
Ali Alsaleh Fattaneh Borji Fidan Khalil
Gode Japs
Lilia Kazaryan
Nazlie Nasso
Olja Artes
Sahar Abdulhak
Sidra Nasso
Timothée Schmude
Tristan Witzel

Premiere: 2020/01/16
Theater: Theater im Ballsaal Bonn

What does growing up mean these days? Everything has changed, we are freer, more relaxed and can deal with topics like puberty and sexuality in a totally relaxed way. Or can’t we? Are parents today still uncomprehending spoilsports and the children still hormone-controlled monsters?

THE BEAUTIFUL MINDS explores with young fugitives, locals and adults the best and at the same time the worst time of our lives: our spring awakening. It’s about the urgent questions of our youth, which were already taken up in a similar way in Wedekind’s classic over a hundred years ago. What about the first kiss and the first time? Can I ask my parents something like that, or do I learn about these issues on YouTube? Together with the participants  THE BEAUTIFUL MINDS goes to the prom for one evening and takes the audience on a journey through the turmoil of love, questions of sexuality and farewell to youth.

Photos © Nathan Dreessen