PREMIERE – 2021/07/12
Imer Ajdini
Ahmet Bajrami
Dejan Jovaovic

Vaska Ajdini
Orfej Alievski
Jussein Durmisevski
Sami Dzemailovski

Artistic Direction:
Stefan Herrmann

Juliane Hendes

Attendants at Stations:
Oscar Bünemann
Mortaza Husseini
Jonasz Prokopf

Special thanks to:
Rudolf Kosthorst
Christine Brinknmann,
Zakk + Team

Premiere: 2021/07/12
Performance in public space in Düsseldorf as part of the festival

Imagine a place: A wasteland with trash everywhere. Or imagine a place full of tents and caravans, everything is messy and dirty. Imagine a pedestrian zone and a family standing at the edge singing. Imagine a gathering of people and suddenly someone's wallet is missing.
What exactly do you see? Who are you looking at? Who is living here? Who is standing on the corner and singing? Who stole the wallet? Who are you thinking of? And why? Who do you think these people are?
What do you think when you learn that someone is Rom:nja?
Our brains are wired to organize our thinking into pigeonholes. We have a drawer for everything so we can make quick judgments in a world whose stimuli would otherwise overwhelm us. So pigeonholes are useful? No. We judge in fractions of a second. In these fractions we decide what we think of the person opposite us. Whether we trust her, whether we will rent her the apartment, give her the job or even just listen to her. Milliseconds that can make the life of our counterpart very difficult.

Photos © Nathan Dreessen