PREMIERE – 2021/04/11
Creative Direction:
Silvana Buchwald
Stefan Herrmann
Jan Patrick Brandt

Nora Giese

Project Management:
Christina Siegert

Kevin Arkenberg

Video Editing:
Viktoria Gurina

Special thanks to:
Helena Nguyen
Holger Naatz

Premiere: 2021/04/11

Facing and mastering challenges, looking for a new beginning – these themes have strongly accompanied us as a society in the past year and largely determined our lives. At the same time, they also formed the centre of the artistic debate in the first project year of MOSAIC.

Our participants have dealt with their very personal moments of departure, of doubt, of uncertainty and have tried to express them in texts, pictures, dances.

How we would have loved to present the resulting scenes as a theatre performance to you! Live. On location, in a close and intimate exchange. But 2020 did not want it that way. The Corona pandemic has forced almost the entire cultural sector in front of the computers and thus destroyed experiencing emotions together.

Or do the rules of distance and the restrictions offer the chance for new creativity, new forms, new possibilities of personal expression? This question will continue to accompany us in 2021.

JONA – STORIES FROM THE UNDERGROUND was realized within the framework of the integration project MOSAIC. MOSAIC was made possible by funding from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees through funds from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs.

Anyone interested in participating in MOSAIC is welcome to come to a rehearsal. It is possible to join at any time. We look forward to getting to know you! Just send us a message here.

Photos © Nathan Dreessen

“When I talk about my story and find someone who listens to me without judging it, it's a wonderful feeling and I feel comfortable. I strengthen myself through theater, I meet new people who accompany me in this process. In the theater, I feel that I can do something. I learn that I can show my own strength.”

“Sitting by the sea and lying there. Sitting by the sea. The birds fly. Sitting by the sea and listening to music. Sitting by the sea. The sun shines beautifully.”


“Listening to my own voice. That I can be brave and strong. I have a big heart and I don’t give up easily. The hope in me is strong.”

“MOSAIC is a new experience for me. I am always curious to know more, to learn more. Storytelling for me is remembering. To learn something new from the stories.”

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