Hunter and Hunted
PREMIERE – 2021/05/15
Artistic Direction:
Silvana Buchwald
Stefan Herrmann
Jan Patrick Brandt
Renate Bernhard

Victoria Gurina

Enes Alandag
Aylin Alici
Carla Anderie
Kaysa Bast
Berdan Dilek
Victor Düppers
Alex Fahron
Sherin Gencer
Marc Ginzburg
Wares Hakim
Alexis Hatjiefthimiou
Juliana Iris
Ramsan Israilov
Daniel Korschunov
Lorena Montorio
Violetta Ortmann
Jonathan Rink
Iwan Sadikov
Rames Satarzai
Emilia Sortino
Nigaash Sriranganathan
Ronya Tosun
Marvin van den Akker
Tim Veverka
Tufan Ismail

Premiere: 2021/05/15

So young people wake up in a kind of prison that still remotely resembles their home and try to find their way on this lonely island called Zoom. Who are these people? Are they friends or enemies? And what is going on out there, what is the way forward? In this constricting void, the community divides into hunters and the hunted.

“Because someday someone will come. And then that someone will be the wild animal. Because someone is always the wild animal”.

In this dystopian setting, the young people question what makes us as a society and holds us together. In theatrically arranged film and zoom sequences, they tell a story about freedom and captivity, as well as hunting inside and outside.

A project in cooperation with Heinrich-Mann Gymnasium and Theater der Keller. Supported by:


Photos © Ensemble