Crab Migration
PREMIERE – 2023/01/12
Based on the novel by Karosh Taha

In a version by Juliane Hendes

Director: Stefan Herrmann

Stage and costumes: Veronika Witlandt

Dramaturgy: Nora Giese

With Zeynep Topal as well as Marcelina Jarosz, Hala Kadoura, Sofija Korshykova, Curly Sue Leibner, Lina Massad, Kristina Mjeshtri, Sophia Wolf

Premiere: 23/01/12
Theater im Ballsaal 

Sanaa is twenty-two. She studies, sometimes escapes into a love triangle with a boyfriend and a lover, and she has dreams. Everything could be good, if it weren't for the reality that keeps pinching her - pinching her like the crab bit her back in the Near East. That was before her family came to Europe from northern Iraq. They came hoping to live a better life here. Instead, life awaits the family in a dreary German high-rise, in a "closed society" with mutual control and sanction.

Sanaa wants to break out of this panopticon high-rise. There is the melancholy mother, the frail, mostly absent father, the pubescent sister and an aunt as a resolute, encroaching guardian of morals of the high-rise housing estate. But the escape does not succeed. Her family keeps Sarah tied down. Above all, she is not indifferent to the fate of her depressive mother Asija.

The Cologne actress Zeynep Topal is the center of the Bonn premiere as Sanaa. She is assisted by an intercultural ensemble of young adults with Albanian, German, Palestinian, Syrian and Ukrainian roots. In "Krabbenwanderung" they play out their migration story, portraying the pain of being uprooted, being torn between two cultures and the longing for their own secure place in society. Life in the in-between" is played out: between freedom and responsibility, memory and future, happiness and unhappiness, myth and reality.

Fotos © Nathan Dreessen